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We are working feverishly to revamp our pricing tables which will take effect not later than 1/1/2019.  In most cases, this will result in lower prices for many services.  However, in a very few instances, there will be slight increases.  These increases are necessary to continue to provide valuable, high-quality options for all our clients.  Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.  

VIP Membership

                                                                              VIP Pricing per Level                                                
Studio (Level 3+)$40/mo
Premium (Level 4)$57/mo
Ultimate (Level 5)$91.25/mo
Enrollment Fee$39


Studio (L 3+)Premium (L 4) Ultimate (L 5)
Single Session$11.50Single Session$14Single Session$17.50
5 Sessions$505 Sessions$585 Sessions$70
10 Sessions$9310 Sessions$9910 Sessions$127
1 Week$361 Week$40.501 Week$55

        Daily Specials

Weekday Specials Early Bird 
SundayStudio Single Session$5.75Studio (Level 3+)$6.50
Monday1 Week Ultimate$35Premium (Level 4)$9.00
TuesdayCocktail (Spray & Free tan)25% offUltimate (Level 5)$12.50
Wednesday1 Week Premium$28
ThursdayBuy 2 Sessions, Get 1 FreeAny LevelEarly Bird AvailabilityMon - Sat9AM - 11AM
Friday1 Week Studio$21
SaturdaySample Packets50% off

All prices are current as of March 1, 2018.  Pricing subject to change with limited or no notice.  All in-store pricing supercedes pricing posted online.